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Full “À la carte” ordering coming! We already had headers & plugs as optional items on most boards, but to allow even better order customization and keep mail costs as low as possible, we’ll be moving to a complete “À la carte” system, where boards that use displays or other “optional” components will be sold as populated boards, and the displays, etc. can be added to the order, as desired.

This system will dramatically lower the cost to mail a Kiduino! board, and offer greater choice for LEDuino, etc. (also great for those that already have a bunch of LCD/LED displays lying around!) Another side-benefit will be that the displays and other accessories can be ordered individually as well!

The “New Products” page is live! This will be best way to see what’s new on an on-going basis, and will be be Tweeted when updated. See: New Products

Twitter account is live! Check out: http://twitter.com/CalEng_Robotics

Arduino 1.01 and the Arduino Leonardo have been released! This is great news since the Leonardo bootloader and software feature set has now been clearly defined. The official Leonardo boards are “pre-order” only from most resellers, but we have compatible products right now!

Our featured Arduino® Leonardo-compatible boards are very exciting, since they offer the features of the Leonardo, such as: emulated USB HID mouse and keyboard devices, a USB virtual com port (VCP), as well as extra I/O ports to work with; up to 10 analog, and four extra digital ports when compared to a Arduino Uno, and they are in super-handy form-factors!  Here are links to two of our Leonardo-compatible boards:

StealthDuino! Leonardo BASIC with ATmega 32U4 – Arduino on a USB stick!

BreadBoarder-32U4 – Arduino-Leonardo Compatible Prototyping Board

Featured Product Ranges:

Arduino® on a USB stick!
A complete Arduino®-compatible board disguised as a USB flash card reader! Within the Arduino® IDE, they are functionally equivalent to an Arduino® Duemilanove, or the newest Arduino Leonardo.
Making Arduino® engaging for young kids!
Did you ever want to share your love of electronics and programming with younger kids, but found it was too messy and time consuming to set-up a breadboard with an interesting experiment?
Tiny robotics boards!
Inspired by the original “Megabitty” controller, these tiny 23mm x 23mm x 0.8mm controller boards are a nice platform for just about any tiny robotics application. The NanoDuino-NS is specifically aimed at Nano Sumo Robot designs.

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