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At Cal-Eng we’re striving to make hobby electronics and robotics fun, rewarding, and easier! Our products are designed to offer features and concepts that aren’t simply duplications, or subtle variations, of what already exists on the market.

Our focus is on microcontroller-based electronics, with a particular focus on the Arduino platform, and a small range of Microchip PIC-based products as well. As we add and revise products, we’re aiming to have detailed photos, documentation, code examples, and even videos for nearly every product we sell.

All our boards are designed, and assembled by hand in Canada.

Contact Us:

Feel free to send a note, comments, requests to: ce.site.contact atsign googleemailservice bigrounddot com  (Note: this address may change from time to time if the spammers figure out the above! A proper contact form, Captcha, etc. in the works…)

Flat-rate Shipping:

The vast majority of our products can be shipped in a small padded envelope, allowing dramatically lower mail costs compared to any kind of box.  The small packing fee listed on each product will be added to a flat-rate mail cost, based on these destinations:

  • Canada: $1.75
  • USA: $2.75
  • Overseas: $5.75

For example, A NanoDuino board and JST micro pigtail to Canada would be: $0.25 + $0.10 + $1.75 = $2.10 total mail cost.

Any order that exceeds $75.00 may require boxing, and insurance.  Please note that in the case of a mailing box requirement, an additional shipping invoice may be sent prior to the order being accepted for processing.  This additional amount would rarely exceed $7-$15, depending on the destination.


PayPal is the primary payment method we accept. In special cases, Canadian residents may request Canada Post COD service, but be aware that Canada Post charges a $7.50 premium for this service, in addition to the mail cost for a parcel service. (envelopes cannot be sent COD)

General Sales Conditions:

Warranty: All of our products are assumed to be used in a prototype development/lab situation, where there is a myriad of ways for electronic devices to be unintentionally destroyed!  With this in mind, there are no explicit warranties on function, fitness or purpose of any device sold.  That being said, we’ll try our best to figure out what went wrong, and make it right, or help as much as we can!

Returns: As follows with the sales conditions, returns are generally not accepted, but an exchange basis may be possible.

Acceptance of sale: An order and on-line payment does not automatically imply acceptance of a sale.  We reserve the right to cancel an order and refund any payment that comes from a destination we do not ship to, or does not appear to be safe in any manner.


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