LCDuino! 328-8 – Tiny self-contained Arduino-compatible board for 2×8 LCD display with I/O


LCDuino is a series of "smart" LCD display boards, using Arduino-compatible ATmega microcontrollers with lots of available user I/O, for just about any application you can imagine!

An example application would be a simple tachometer that uses a Hall-effect sensor to send pulses to the display, and directly read-out RPM. The applications can be as simple, or complex, as you desire! (A tachometer with; peak, average, and power-down memory perhaps? Voltmeter, marble counter, bean counter? ;) )

The standard version comes with a 16MHz ATmega328P MCU and Arduino bootloader, and since these displays are most likely going to be used for a fixed purpose once the application code is finished, we didn't include a USB-UART serial transceiver on the board. You'll need to have a separate serial programming board such as our FTDIbridge or any other commonly available USB-serial converter, or you can use the standard AVR-ISP connection with an AVR programmer, like our USBasp board. (Arduino fully supports programming by ISP)

If you need an LCD display, they are available here: 2x8 Character Backlit LCD Display.

The LCD display will need to be either socketed, or soldered in place, depending on personal preference. Standard dual-row pin headers are available in the "Wires, Headers & Plugs" section, as well as new ultra low-profile pin headers.

The 2x8 pin header connector is also used on some larger (2x16) displays, so it should be possible to use the LCDuino with other displays. As long as the pinout is the same, the only change required would be the display row/column definition in the code.

As with most of our boards, we don't install or include headers or plugs, since the choice will vary greatly depending on the application and personal preferences. They are available (at a very low cost!) in the "Wires, Headers & Plugs" category.


Price: $23.95

Packing Cost:$0.50

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