FTDIbridge USB-Serial Transceiver/Arduino®-Programmer


The FTDIbridge is an industry-standard USB to serial transceiver used for programming Arduino®-based boards that don't include one, or as a generic USB-serial converter for any microcontroller project that does not have the capability.  The board uses the very popular FT232RL USB-UART bridge IC.

This board has two different available pinouts; the primary 5-pin connection is the Cal-Eng standard that matches common Bluetooth breakout boards and adds the needed DTR signal for Arduino programming, the second is the Sparkfun®/Adafruit 6-pin standard used on the "FDTI Basic", and boards like the Arduino Pro/Pro Mini and Ethernet.

As with most of our boards, we don't install or include headers or plugs, since the choice will vary greatly depending on the application and personal preferences. The are available (at a very low cost!) in the "Wires, Headers & Plugs" category.


Price: $13.95

Packing Cost:$0.25

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