BreadBoarder Micro Arduino-Compatible Breakout-Prototyping Board


Based on the various "minimal" Arduino concepts on the Web (Fun!), this board takes the concept and pushes it much further forward, with easy-to-access I/O, on-board 5V power regulation, alternate 3V supply, all while still maintaining a tiny footprint!

For stand-alone uses, the AVR chip can be mounted in a socket on the solder-side of the board, or it can be mounted underneath using pin headers in a "clamp" arrangement, for breadboard use. When mounted in a breadboard, obviously all the AVR pins are available, with the added benefit of having conveniently pre-configured headers for various I/O uses.

An on-board 1A regulator is installed for battery/external powered applications and a total of seven I/O headers allow easy-to-use connection to external sensors/devices. PWM, Interrupts and Analog are available on convenient standard "hobby-servo" pinout headers (GND, Vcc, Signal), as well as a 4-pin header for I2C/Wire, using the standard: SDL, SCA, Vcc, GND. A separately regulated 110mA 3.1V source is also available. The Cal-Eng standard 5-pin programming/serial/bluetooth header is also on the left edge of the board.

Please note that the 6-pin AVR ISP port is intended for use from "below", and if the board is configured with the AVR chip under the component side, the ISP signals will be mirrored L/R on the component side, and a custom wiring harness will be needed.

If you need an ATmega AVR MCU for this board, please see our selection of ATMega8 and ATMega328P MCUs, pre-programmed with the Arduino bootloader. For example: ATmega328P 16MHz with Arduino Uno Bootloader

Since these boards are most likely going to be used for a fixed purpose once the application code is finished, we didn't include a USB-UART serial transceiver on the board. You'll need to have a separate serial programming board such as our FTDIbridge or any other commonly available USB-serial converter, or you can use the standard AVR-ISP connection with an AVR programmer, like our USBasp board. (Arduino fully supports programming by ISP)

As with most of our boards, we don't install or include headers or plugs, since the choice will vary greatly depending on the application and personal preferences. They are available (at a very low cost!) in the "Wires, Headers & Plugs" category.


Price: $11.95

Packing Cost:$0.35

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