BreadBoarder-328 v2/FT USB Arduino-Compatible Breakout-Prototyping Board


This is the latest revision of the BreadBoarder-328 USB Arduino-Compatible Breakout-Prototyping Board. It has been resisized to match the BreadBoarder 32U4 layout, to make it mini-shield compatible.

The BreadBoarder series offers an Arduino-compatible breakout board for easy use with prototyping breadboards, or any other size-constrained application where the familiar Arduino board layout is helpful.

A key feature of the BreadBoarder is how the pinout of the headers matches* the standard Arduino board pinout, making it much more intuitive to work with compared to other breadboard solutions. (*the AREF connection has been moved to be next to the analog inputs, where it should have been all along!)

The boards supports power from both USB, and external (up to 15V) with diode-protected inputs, making stand-alone projects very easy to build. It also features a dedicated 3.2V 110mA micro-regulator, far more useful that the incredibly weak 3.3V supply provided by the typical designs that rely strictly on a FTDI IC (Duemilanove, Nano, etc).

A 5-pin serial header is available for external programming, but most importantly it also follows the pinout of commonly-available inexpensive ($15) Bluetooth transceiver breakout boards. All Cal-Eng boards feature this custom serial header pinout, making them all plug&play compatible with Bluetooth*.

The standard version comes with a 16MHz ATmega328 MCU and Arduino® bootloader, as well as the industry-standard FTDI FT232RL USB VCP USB-UART bridge.

As with most of our boards, we don't install or include headers or plugs, since the choice will vary greatly depending on the application and personal preferences. The are available (at a very low cost!) in the "Headers & Plugs" category. The 40-pin standard header would be the most common choice.

* Bluetooth is an incredibly useful tool for wireless debugging and data tracking, and simply uses the Arduino serial monitor window. See our Bluetooth tutorial page for more info on these breakouts, and how they work.


Price: $24.95

Packing Cost:$0.35

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