2-Digit Low-Cost 0.56″ Red LED display


This is an industry-standard 0.56" 2-digit low-cost red LED display, wired as two separate common-anode seven-segment displays, allowing either simple independent driving of each number, or a multiplexed arrangement.

These are medium intensity, low-power displays, with 420uCD brightness at 10ma. The datasheet is here: MAN 6710

For use with with both the LEDuino! and Kiduino! FunShield-Max boards, or any other application.

The second product photo shows the display in an operational environment for comparison purposes. All four display types were shot using identical lighting and exposure, in an attempt to show brightness and contrast. Note that there is fairly strong fluorescent stage lighting, therefore the perceived brightness and colour may not be perfectly accurate.


Price: $0.79

Packing Cost:$0.15

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